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O.M. France: Turning Ube Into Manna by Jeff Kelley

As an artist, France knows enough about the canon of American high modernism, the first and second waves of feminism, post-colonial liberation, and traditions of the sacred in art and everyday life to move among their discourses with a messianic passion, making miracles by turning ube into manna. Read more here...

Installation view: Black Madonnas and Ifugao bulul (rice god) ladder

Photo © Phil Bond

O.M. France Viana's Ube Art: By Manzel Delacruz

O.M. France Viana's Ube Art

12 Degrees MFA Exhibition

The latest works of note were her installations on Black Madonnas and purple yams in the 12 Degrees MFA Exhibition shown recently at Mills College Museum in Oakland, California. Like her published writings, her artwork is infused with her standout insights on life, Philippine culture and universal matters that make one seriously ponder humorous situations, or find humor in serious matters. Read more here...

France transforms the Pinoy funny gesture of pointing with lips into directional signs, posted throughout the Mills Art Museum grounds and at various SOMA Pilipinas sites. France aims to restage instinctual gestures that were colonized and civilized out of Filipino culture. (Photos by ©O.M. France Viana

50 Shades of Kayumanggi by Manzel dela Cruz

“A stunningly graphic typology of skin toned color samples provides us with a deconstruction of identity to consider. Her work is both humorous and rigorous in its conceptual execution.” Read more...

O.M. France's art installation dares to ask: “What is the true color of your heritage?”